Copyright 2003+ Arthur Sale
Last Modified: 28 December 2010
This vessel is a brig (two-masted vessel, square rigged on both masts). It was commissioned with two special requests:
The first photo is taken from the port side, but the model looks its best from the starboard side as in this photo.

Note the hull and absence of a sea.

As requested, the brig is made of myrtle, but the stand is made of a plain sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum), which shows off the pink-red model. The length overall of the bottle and cork is 240mm (
The neck is worth looking at carefully. The cork is decorated with an apparently common three-turn turk's head (three turns around the cork). Actually it is a 3-turn 5-bight (5 loops on each side) turk's head (3t5b), which is slightly more difficult than the most common turk's head which is based on 3t4b.

The second turk's head around the neck itself is special and complex. I pulled out all the stops to produce a 7t6b turk's head, and I think it looks terrific.

Each turk's head is tripled to 3-ply.