Sidelights and fanlights
Domestic windows
Church windows
Automonous panels
I started working in leadlight in 1979, after taking an Adult Education course to repair a cracked window in our house at that time. I enjoyed the challenge and began to make windows for others, continuing at several each year until 1999, when I began the switch to kiln-formed glass. One of the windows here (Irises) uses fused accents in a copperfoil structure. There is also a fused glass louvre window in the kiln-formed section. I have generally worked in copperfoil, because of the scale of my windows (domestic, viewed close-up) and the extra rigidity of a copperfoil window compared to lead came.
        Almost all my leadlight work is in private residences, and cannot be easily seen by the public. The most accessible are the twelve windows in Holy Spririt Church, Duke Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. (The church window at Nugent is far off the beaten track).

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