In early 2004, my wife convinced me that I should start making glass beads for her textile art handbags. I bought the necessary equipment on a holiday in the USA, and the rest is history...
        I have exclusively used soda glass in the form of Spectrum
® System 96®, made up of purchased rods, noodles, stringer, and strips cut from my scrap. This means that all my beads, murrini, stringers, etc are compatible with my kiln art, and I get to recycle some of that scrap other than in castings. Interesting challenges for me are make beads and sculptures which are designed to be seen from one side only, and maybe only from one bead-hole end (so they can be sewn on to Elaine's bags). The other side/end is waste.
        Here are a few photos of early beads: a few striped beads, and a set of fish beads.

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Last Modified: 27 December 2010
I have also made a few core vessels. I learnt the core vessel technique at the 2005 GAS@Ausglass conference in Adelaide, Australia. I can't call them a great success, and I am thinking of doing more but they are not easily saleable. Here are three samples.
I have set myself up with a small hotshop, using a home designed and home-built crucible kiln to melt glass, my main kiln as annealer (I am designing a small annealer to use instead), and the torch as my glory hole. My work, as nearly always, is in System 96 (Spectrum, Uroboros et al) though I have successfully incorporated Effetre (aka Moretti, COE104) canes in mini-weights, provided I anneal them well.
        The micro-paperweights are very much experimental as I develop skills in making canes, flameworking inclusions, and how to assemble paperweights. I can't call my weights with cane slices millefiori, because they are usually only a unifiore or a trifiori! Here are some flowers, spots, swirls and unifiore. All are about 25-50mm (1-2") in diameter.