Graham Stone
Graham Stone has over 25 years experience with glass and is represented in many public and private art collections. He has taught at Monash University in Australia, was a founding member of Ausglass, Coordinator of the Cold Glass Access Workshop at the Meat Market Craft centre, and Editor of Ausglass Magazine. He currently teaches at RMIT University in Melbourne and is widely consulted by both glass students and professionals.

Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion
Firing Schedules for Glass provides firing schedules in the form required for computers and digital kiln controllers, but the information is also extremely relevant for 'manual' firings. By taking the guesswork out of glass firing and making it easier to select the right schedule for any circumstance, this book is an invaluable aid for the glass artist.

The book is divided into three parts. The first contains the fundamentals of glass firing, essential for effective use of the schedules. The schedules themselves constitute the second part of the book, and the third features technical data to facilitate studio glass understanding and practice.
Reduced for the Web from the blurb from Firing Schedules for Glass, $A95

Contact Graham by email to order this book, or in North America order it from Warmglass.

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