I started working in fused glass in 1999, after I 'retired' from the University (not knowing that I'd be called back). My introduction was via a course run by Merinda Young (Tudor Rose Glass Works), and I was hooked almost immediately. My motivation in taking the course was to be able to circumvent some limitations on my leadlight works, but immediately new vistas opened up. My studio looks out on to the River Derwent, and I have an Evenheat kiln. I sell most of my work at Saddlers Court Gallery at Richmond, but also sell some works through the Tasmania Shop in Salamanca Place and Freeman 3 Gallery in New Town.

There are many Tasmanian Glass artists, but we don't get the coverage of the wood and painting artists. Contact me for some places to visit if you are touring. The Ausglass (Australian Association of Glass Artists) web site has a gallery page for me, as well as pages for Tasmanians Merinda Young, Maudie Bryan, Leigh Roberts, Diane Martin, and Keith Dougall

Look for the following things in my glass art: a Zen-like minimalism in shape often accompanied by monochromatic use of colour, a strong tactile element (which does not show up on the Web very well, but if you have to pick up one of my pieces, hey!), experimentation to stretch the limits of what can be done with glass to the limits of my equipment, and an engineer's approach to design.
Tissage de verre (glass textiles)
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