Window behind altar in Nugent Community Church, copperfoil, 2000. Before installation. The lowest panel shows the approach to Nugent (in rural SE Tasmania) and the church from the Hobart Road, across the valley. Out of the soil of Nugent arises a Christian cross symbolizing the faith of the community and God the Son. The Trinity is completed in the top panel with traditional symbols: a dove for God the Holy Spririt, and a cloud for God the Father.
Holy Spirit Church, corner of Duke Street and Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay. Three series, each of four windows.
        The ground-level series represents
God's Promises to Man, reading from the entrance to the altar end: the Promise to Noah, the Ten Commandments, and two windows for the New Testament (bread and wine). Copperfoil, 1983.
        The right hand clerestory series are the story of the
Creation: Creation of Light, Night and Day; Separation of the Land from the Waters, Creation of Life; and Temptation and Fall. Lead came, 1983.
        The left hand clerestory represents the
Four Last Things: Hell, Judgment, Death and Heaven. Lead came, 1987.
        If you want the biblical references and more explanation of the inspration of the pictures, here is the church record. I tried to return to the medieval concept of story-telling, in my style of simplicity and no painting. Holy Spirit Church is open every day if you want to wander in and have a look. My windows look much better in reality than in these pictures; the difference between the dark church interior and the light coming through the window is hard to balance.
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God's Promises to Man, 1983.
Creation, 1983.
Four Last Things, 1987.