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I was born in Durban, South Africa in 1941, and grew up there. I studied at the University of Natal (now the University of KwaZulu-Natal) and graduated with an Electronics Engineering honours degree (BScEng) cum laude. I worked at the University as a tutor for a while, married Elaine in 1963, and we went to study/work at Philips NV in Eindhoven Netherlands in 1963/4. There I met computers and switched my field from an electronics engineer to a computer scientist. I got my PhD in 1969 for a thesis on "Accelerating the arithmetic of binary digital computers" but it was really about fast binary division.
    We moved to Australia permanently in 1969 for me to take up a position at Sydney University, and in 1974 I was appointed to a Foundation Chair at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. Shortly after arriving in Tasmania I took an Adult Education class in leadlighting, and my glass work commenced. In the meantime the new department grew and offered its courses, until it was one of the ten biggest in the university. I served on the Professorial Board and its Standing Committee, and was elected to the Chair of the Professorial Board. At various times I represented the University and was briefly appointed as Acting Vice-Chancellor and Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor. In 1994 I accepted a 5-year appointment as Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University, and in this role my division won two national awards for excellence in service to students. I retired from the University in 1999, but was asked to return as Professor of Computing Research from 2001-2006. Since then I have continued to work in ICT research, as Emeritus Professor of Computer Science.
    I have written and published over 80 scientific papers, been awarded several prizes and awards, and have had a book published (and translated into German). I an a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. I am still active in computing research and have recently had two PhD students graduate with a third under examination.
Please see Elaine's website http://elaine.ahjs.biz/ where she has her own 'About me'.
We married in 1963, and have two daughters - Colette and Michèle - and one grandson - Evan. Colette and Evan live in Hobart about 30 minutes drive away from us. Michèle and her husband Andrew live in Charlottesville, Viarginia, USA.
The place where we live
Tasmania is a magical place of exceptional beauty and variety. Nowhere else in Australia is quite like it (indeed we have a town called Nowhere Else, and another called Paradise). Just to show off a few examples I have included three extra pages. Before you click however, be warned that the pages are (a) Java-enabled to produce dynamic effects, and (b) graphics-intensive so may take a minute or two to load on a slow modem. So if this happens, this might be the time to put the kettle on for a cup of tea or coffee. I think it is worth the wait.
With giant weed