Our joint website contains some of the art works which we (Arthur & Elaine Sale) make. Elaine's work in textile art is featured in her own site (a sub-domain). Please contact us if you want to buy our work, or commission some art.
        I work predominantly in kiln-formed and flame-worked glass these days as Camelot Glass, but the site also contains some of my earlier work in leadlight (stained glass) - also my hobbies of plant tissue culture, orchid growing wood carving, wood furniture, and ship models in bottles and otherwise.
        For my unpaid research as Emeritus Professor of Computer Science or in support of Open Access to the world's scholarly literature, see the link below</a>. I am also a member of the Australian Association of Glass Artists (Ausglass), member of the Glass Art Society (GAS), and Fellow of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).
        Some of my beads are incorporated into Elaine's textile art handbags and garments. I buy most of my glass supplies from Hartley-Williams (Queensland), refractories from Derwent Ceramic Supplies (Tasmania), and some glass and tools from Tudor Rose Glassworks (Tasmania).
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